Wildlife Help

Click on the photos below to learn how to determine if an animal needs to coe to our center for help.  You can also contact one of our partners listed at the bottom of the page.









Here is a list of the local wildlife rehabilitation organizations and the animals they help.  Please call one of these organizations first to determine if the animal really needs help. Some young animals may not need rescuing.

Do not touch potential rabies species with your bare hands.(bats, foxes, raccoons, coyotes)

Wild birds and mammals: (24hr drop off) Project Wildlife, 887 1/2 Sherman Street, San Diego 92110, 619-225- 9453, www.projectwildlife.org

Deer: San Diego Fawn Rescue, 858-549- 4149, Facebook@sandiegofawnrescue
Bobcats, coyotes, Birds of Prey: Fund for Animals Wildlife Center, 18740Highland Valley Rd, Ramona 92065, 760-789- 2324, www.fundforanimals.org

Wild Parrots or conures: SoCal Parrot, 3621 Hidden Ridge Rd., Jamul 91935, 855-737- 4953,

Pelicans: SeaWorld, 500 SeaWorld Dr., San Diego. Contact SeaWorld before approaching these
Stranded marine mammals: SeaWorld, 800-541- SEAL, SWC.Rescue@seaworld.com
Turtles or tortoises: San Diego Turtle &Tortoise Society,

If you need assistance with transporting an injured animal :
Wildlife Assist at 858-278- 2222
San Diego Humane Society’s Humane Law Dispatch at 619-243- 3466.
San Diego County Department of Animal Services 619-236- 2341Found an Animal?