Bobcats and Coyotes

Bobcats and Coyotes are handled by Fund for Animals in Ramona.  Please contact them before attempting to rescue an animal in need.  Babies may not need rescue and adults need to be handled by a professional.  For assistance you can contact us or contact Fund for Animals directly at 18740 Highland Valley Rd, Ramona, CA 92065 Phone: 760-789-2324


Here are a few basic tips for determining if they need help.


  • Hit by car
  • Weak, lethargic
  • Mange
  • Disoriented


  • Unless you observe a den or baby without a mother for 24 hrs., do not attempt to rescue.
  • You must monitor from a distance, as most parents will not return if you are too close.
  • The rules for rescue are similar to the information for fox.
  • If the baby is weak, disoriented, too friendly, sleeping in the open, or vocalizing for an extended period, it may need assistance.
  • If you know the mother is deceased, please take the baby to Fund for Animals.
  • Do not attempt to rehab the baby on your own. It is illegal and they require care that is different from domestic dogs and cats.